How To Find The Right Night Guard For My Teeth?

How Can i Find The Right Night Guard For My Teeth?

Do you clench your teeth at night? Night guards are important to protect your teeth, especially if you suffer from bruxism. Night guards not only provide dental care but also work as a behavior modification technique to stop clenching teeth throughout the day. However, it is important to find the right night guard to ensure your teeth are safe and protected.

Finding the Right Nightguard Is Important

Prevent Plaque Growth

Make sure you get the best quality nightguard in Hawthorn Woods and not a sports guard, as they are designed to perform different functions. A sports mouth guard is made to protect your teeth from blunt force trauma. If worn for the whole night, it will trap bacteria on the surface of the gums while you sleep since saliva won’t reach your gums or teeth while you wear a sports mouth guard. Saliva plays an important role in oral health as it neutralizes acids in your mouth that can cause cavities and wash away food particles that prevent plaque build-up.

Therefore, it is best to consult the best dentist while getting your night guard. A night guard made by a professional will be made to fit you perfectly; additionally, there will be holes to allow access saliva to access your teeth. This will ensure your teeth are safe and there’s no plaque build-up.

 Avoid Switching Your Bite

A night guard is made of a specially designed material that prevents shifts in your bite. Since sports mouthguards are made of a soft rubbery material, they will make your TMD symptoms worse. It will cause your bite to shift over time and cause significant changes.

If you suffer from bruxism, you will require properly fitted night guards. Improperly fitted night guards can cause changes in your bite and increase jaw pain, it can also exacerbate TMJ Symptoms. A properly fitted night guard will support your teeth and ensure you have the correct alignment.

Types of Nightguards

  • Hard Nightguards

Hard nightguards are perfect for extreme grinders or clenchers as it is made of the harder acrylic type of material. Even though they are made of harder plastic, they shouldn’t feel too bulky in the mouth. Since they are created in a way to fit you perfectly. It is the most durable type of nightguard because of its sturdy material.

  • Over-The-Counter

Over-the-counter night guards are mostly found in local drugstores or sporting goods stores. They are usually one size fits all stock guards, which are pre-molded to fit everyone. There are also boil and bite models that are softened with hot water for a better fit. Although these are cheaper alternatives to custom-made night guards, they are cheaper because they are not made of durable materials. This can cause bite issue and aren’t effective in protecting your teeth as they aren’t created based on your dental condition.

  • Custom-Made

Custom-made mouth guards are when the dentist creates a perfectly fitting night guard by taking an impression of your teeth. The dentist uses professional materials and techniques to create the best night guard, which will create a comfortable fit. With the proper care and adjustments, these night guards can last for several years. Custom night guards also come in a variety of materials, and you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Seek A Professional’s Help

If you grind or clench your teeth or snore, you should consider getting nightguards to get a good night’s sleep, while ensuring dental care. You can always consult the best dentist in Hawthorn Woods, IL, to get the best quality mouth guards that will fit you perfectly and protect your teeth.

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