6 Amazing Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry

6 Amazing Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry

Fear of dental appointments is one of the most common reasons people do not keep their regular visits. Seeing your dentist regularly is crucial to dental health, so it is in the interests of you and your dentist that your next visit is comfortable and relaxing. Sedation dentistry is an incredible option to release the fear and anxiety from these dental appointments. When you are relaxed dentist can work more proficiently and you can sit back and appreciate your experience. 

What Are The Benefits You Get From Sedation Dentistry?

1) The Surgeon Can Work Faster & More Comprehensively.

When you are sedated and relaxed, you allow the dentist to perform their work without moving and complaining. When you sit still in the dentist’s chair, the dentist can complete your visit quickly and do a more careful job. It means less time at the dental appointment and better dental health results.

2) No Discomfort

The fear of the dentist mainly arises from the anxiety of pain. With sedation, you will not sense any pain. You only feel the when given IV sedation. After that, you drift numb for a comfortable, pain-free surgery. You can start and end your procedure without discomfort and have a relaxed and pain-free experience.

3) Reduces Fear & Anxiety

Many people get an overwhelming sense of fear and stress while going to the dentist. It may be the fear of discomfort or maybe from memories of the last experiences. Whatever the reason for this pain, sedation dentistry can dismiss these concerns. You will be too sedated to control feelings of worry and anxiety. Knowing that you won’t go through that feeling of fear can mean a fantastic deal to many people.

4) IV Sedation is Safer Than General Anesthesia

Unlike general anesthesia, there is no requirement for the patient to be induced fully unconscious when IV sedation is applied. Rather, the patient stays in a semi-conscious state. As a result, IV sedation is safer than alternative forms of sedation, such as general anesthesia. Also, the patient is still semi-conscious allows them to communicate with the dentist about pain as the process or treatment is conducted. The same cannot be said for patients provided with general anesthesia as they have no attention to communicating potential issues such as the sense of pain.

5) Sedation Helps Reduce Gag Reflex

The gag reflex is a natural response that occurs to keep you from eating unfamiliar objects and avoiding choking. Some people have a more extreme gag reflex, which can get in the way of a dental process. Your Hawthorn Woods dentist can use sedation dentistry to reduce gag reflex and make it possible to achieve and complete the procedure.

6) Get The Healthy Smile You Deserve

Be it any kind of discomfort that keeps you away from getting a dental procedure done, your oral health is at risk. The longer you go without routine checkups and the dental care you require, the risk of developing severe oral health issues or dental emergencies increases. With the help of sedation dentistry, taking care of your smile has never been so effortless!

Sedation Dentistry In Hawthorn Woods

If you think you could benefit from sedation dentistry during your next dental visit, contact our dental staff to learn more about each option, as well as which dental treatment would be best for you. At Hawthorn Woods Family Dental Care, the comfort and quality of care of our patients are our highest priority. To get answers to all your questions or to book an appointment with our professionals, call us at (847) 550-5000 today.


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