Tips To Prepare Kids For Their First Visit To The Dentist In Hawthorn Woods

Tips To Prepare Kids For Their First Visit To The Dentist In Hawthorn Woods

If you are worried about taking your child to the dentist and are looking for someone who will make their experience enjoyable rather than painful, you have visited the right place! Find a dentist who will understand your child’s anxiety and offer kid-friendly treatments that will ensure your kids will be excited to visit the dentist.

As parents, it can be tough to get their child to the dentist as it will shape your child’s attitude towards dentistry. Following are tips to prepare your child for their first dental visit.

  • Establish A Dental Home 

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, you should get your child to a dentist by their first birthday. This will ensure your child is on the right track to oral health and development. Establishing a dental home will help your child get familiar with the environment and make them feel comfortable.

  • Keep Things Positive

You need to associate positive words while talking about the dentist. You should avoid negative words like “painful”, “drilling”, “shots”, “hurt”, etc. Instead, discuss the positive aspects of maintaining oral health and regular dental checkups can bring. For instance, visiting the dentist will keep their teeth healthy, they can protect their smile, and you can also treat them after the appointment with small treats like having ice cream or going to the park. This will ensure they have a good first experience with the dentist.

  • Play Games

You can always play games or play pretend with your child. For instance, going to the dentist will create a make-believe experience and help them with their actual visit to the dentist.

  • Find A Good Pediatric Dentist

It is important to get the best dentist to ensure your child’s teeth. Find a dentist who will be able to help your child relax and feel comfortable during their first visit. A pediatric dentist in Hawthorn Woods, will help your child with their anxiety and help them calm down. You can also take your child for office tours, which will create a familiar environment for your child. 

  • Watch Videos Or Read Books 

You can always use books, cartoons, or videos to help your child understand that everyone goes to the dentist and have a great experience. You can use books like ‘Elmo Visits the Dentist’ by Dalmatian Press or ‘Dora goes to the dentist’. You can also show them videos based on their favorite cartoon, for instance, ‘Peppa pig – the dentist trip’, etc. This way you can explain, how even their favorite cartoon character goes to the dentist, which will bring them comfort.

  • Time It Right

It is important to ensure you time your visit correctly. Avoid scheduling their appointment when they are hungry or tired. Schedule your child’s first visit at the right time when they are in a good mood. Try to avoid giving them sugar before the dental visit.

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