Invisalign® is a type of orthodontic treatment that employs a series of clear plastic trays known as aligners to repair a variety of malocclusions. For certain types of malocclusions, Invisalign aligners are a viable alternative to traditional orthodontic braces and metal wires because they are more discreet, pleasant, and fully removable.

The powerful 3D imaging, modeling, and aligner technology that defines the Invisalign system of treatment was developed by a team of Stanford University students and first released to the public in the year 2000. Since then, it has grown in popularity as a treatment choice.

To create a series of custom-made transparent aligners, Invisalign uses modern 3-D computer imaging technology. The aligners, which are worn for a few weeks at a time, gradually shift the teeth into place until the final corrections are achieved. The clear aligners used in the Invisalign procedure are more aesthetic, comfortable, and convenient than traditional orthodontic tools, and they work with minimal disruption to normal activities. Teens and adults can eat all of their favorite foods and participate in sports without worrying about their orthodontic equipment or sharp poking wires breaking. Additionally, as the aligners are totally removable, tooth brushing and flossing are significantly easier because there are no attached orthodontic brackets or wires to clean in between.

*Invisalign is a registered trademark of Align Technology, Inc.

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