How to Floss Your Teeth

It is necessary to remove the plaque and food particles that accumulate between the teeth and gum line daily to prevent the possibility of tooth decay and gum disease. The risk of dental disease can be significantly reduced for both children and adults by performing gentle flossing at least once a day. 

The dentist will show you how to floss when you visit them as part of a routine checkup visit. The floss is made available in different types. You can choose the one you feel is comfortable. However, there are a few tips for selecting a floss. It is better to choose waxed dental floss if the teeth are crowded. However, a super floss or dental tape is suitable for those who have excessive spaces between the teeth. Some use electric flossers to clean between the teeth, whereas some use disposable flossers with a plastic handle for cleaning between the teeth.

Flossing Your Teeth Properly 

Flossing should be appropriately done so that it does not injure the delicate tissues around the teeth. The floss should be taken off a roll or from a dispenser. A standard floss should be of 18-inch length. 

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