Fixed Bridgework

Fixed dental bridges include preparation and crowning of the teeth on either side of the missing teeth area where the artificial teeth have been placed. It supports artificial teeth. A non-removable appliance is the best replacement option for missing teeth. It resembles the color of natural teeth. It restores the smile and aesthetic appeal of the teeth and protects the nearby teeth from shifting. Fixed bridges are robust, long-lasting, and natural-looking restorations.

How are dental bridges placed?

Multiple visits to the dentist are required for placing the fixed bridges. The procedure involves:

  • The preparation of the adjacent teeth.
  • Impressions of the teeth.
  • The placement of a temporary bridge.
  • The final placement of the permanent bridge.

The teeth on either side are crowned to support the bridge. They are known as ‘abutment teeth.’ With the significant advancements in dentistry, bridges can now be entirely supported by dental implants. It avoids the need for preparing or crowning the adjacent natural teeth. 

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