Dental Crowns or “Caps”

A complete coverage restoration is often required if a tooth has been extensively damaged by disease or injury if it is too malformed, undersized, or deeply stained to be restored with fillings, dental bonding, or veneers. A full-coverage restoration, often known as a dental crown or “cap,” is specially designed and constructed by the dentist to fit over the injured tooth to restore its health and function. A dental crown not only restores the tooth’s form and function but also strengthens and preserves the underlying tooth, allowing it to last for many years with proper care.

When a tooth has had a root canal, dental crowns are usually recommended as the repair option. They’re also utilized to support a fixed bridge by covering the abutment teeth close to an edentulous area, and they’re used to restore dental implants to serve as a permanent substitute for a lost or missing tooth.

Porcelain or dental ceramics, porcelain fused to metal, composite resin, and metal alloys are some of the materials used to make crowns. The sort of crown created relies on the case’s cosmetic and functional needs, as well as the patient’s preferences and budget.

How Are The Dental Crowns Fabricates?

Preparation of crown fabrication involves numerous steps. They are:

  • The outer layers of the tooth, as well as any damaged tooth structure, are removed by the dentist. If there isn’t enough tooth structure left, the tooth’s core can be built up with restorative materials as needed to ensure that a crown can be retained.
  • A precise impression of the prepared tooth is taken, and a tooth model is created.
  • The model’s exact characteristics are used to create a personalized crown.
  • If the crown is not fitted on the same day, a temporary crown will be used to preserve and cover the prepared tooth while also maintaining its appearance.
  • The fit and appearance of the finished crown are checked. The crown is cemented or glued into place after any last modifications have been made.

Maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine and taking adequate care can result in dental crowns lasting for an extended period. 

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